13 years of history in the field of pigment
lead paint industry cutting-edge technology excellence


Focus on project operating in more than 10 years
and create the first brand paint industry


Professional color matching system customized
personalized set the color of the solution


Excellent customer service to establish
satisfied loyal customer base


Reasonable purchasing
remind when changes in prices of raw materials
CL Pigment founded in 1998, the company has been deeply engaged in pigment research and development and marketing for many years. Now we has Guangzhou CaiLian chemical pigment Co.,Ltd. ShaoYang CaiLian pigment Factory, and have a office in Chennai southeast Asia. Mainly engaged in high performance inorganic environmental protection weathering pigment, Anti-rust paint pigment, coating use pigments production.
Existing production lines more than 10, loved by downstream customers and well-known at home and abroad.
Business cooperation process
Preliminary discuss and the basic requirements identified cooperative intentions On detailed analysisto solve the problem of functional performance requirements (heat resistance, resistanceto bask in) reliability, availability, and performance analysis of engineering arrangement and schedule Product samples Courier to your company to test sample to determine product color effect and color difference, fastness, add percentage for custom color, can send the samples to us The two sides agree on a lawfully formed contract, shall be protected by law Testing the goods formal acceptance of the follow-up tracking service to better understand customer's expectations

Product application areas

China best chemical use their experience and brand business
philosophy, in the field of color application in all walks of life plays a very important role
  • Ink

    Is an important material used for printing, it will by printing design, performance on the substrates.
  • leather

    Leather dyeing, with good dispersion, high quality and stable light fastness, weather resistance and strong tinting strength, hiding power.
  • Coating

    Can is a kind of strong covering on the surface, protecting, decoration, signs and other special-purpose chemical compound coating.
  • Plastic

    Give high molecular compound more beautiful color, knead into various shapes can finally hold their shape and the same material or plastic material products.
  • Cement products

    Color are all referred to pavement brick, brick made from cement solidifier, without high temperature calcined made a new type of wall materials, widely used in all kinds of square, hotels, clubs, sidewalks, village road, pedestrian street, etc.
  • Rubber

    Is taken from the trees, TKS plants such as rubber latex, after processing made of elastic material, insulation, waterproof and air.