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    Promote the reform of traditional textile, sterile textile and lead the new trend


    China textile industry association published, although the overall smooth start this year, China textile industry, but the industry still faces a series of risk. Are leading exporters of textiles in our country, but the textile technology content is not high, low added value, particularly functional textiles export ratio is low, China's textile industry a series of problems, the lack of research and development ability, lack of independent intellectual property rights and technology innovation investment, etc., the traditional textile industry market weakness reflects the future the main contradiction facing the textile industry, textile industry will be running under more severe situation.

    The new international standard is the traditional textile industry "stumbling block"?

    Recently, the international organization for standardization (ISO) released the test standard antiviral textiles (iso18184:2014) and rules for textile products (including woven and knitted fabrics, fiber, yarn, etc.) antiviral properties test method. The release of the standard marks the international functional textile testing technology and the evaluation system of research and development have made new progress, stepped into a new era of antiviral function textiles.

    Different from general textile textile functions, mainly including comfortable and functional textiles, health, the health care function textiles, protective function textiles; Including health, health care function textiles and subdivided into function such as antibacterial, far infrared radiation and anion, antiviral function is the latest development trend. Function of international textile standard system constantly improve, on the one hand, for export enterprises in the product development design provides technical guidance, on the other hand also formed a technical barriers in export products.

    Make "net bacterium technology" textile industry competition strategic opportunities

    Comes as the international and domestic for aseptic calls for more and more high, the medical choice brand has long held the dominant position of aseptic textile market, from 1998, the Hong Kong feng tai industrial company first proposed fiber antibacterial technology, now in the past 16 years, the medical choice "RICHTLINIEN (rhett can)" fiber net technology is already very mature, from inside the textile fiber, through modern high-tech molecular technology, will have the activity of bacteria net performance groups in harmony with the high quality fiber, and enduring net bacteria combining chain, multidimensional destroy germs living space, bacteriostatic efficacy than common antibacterial products, far above the bacteriostatic standards requirements.

    Science and technology changes with each passing day today, the medical choice timely grasp the development trend of international textile enterprises, research and development of high value-added functional textiles, and in strict accordance with the latest requirements to guide product design, production to successfully occupied the international high-end market.

    Foot net at present, from bacteria to penetration, net bacteria to clean towels, bedding, net is inseparable from the medicine of choice for products, in addition, the medical choice of "RICHTLINIEN (rhett can)" fiber net bacterium technology has been widely used in the field of medicine, net bacteria gauze net, net mask, bacteria surgery clothing, and so on.

    From health care to the livelihood of the people, from all walks of life for the safety and health textiles is closely related to bacteria net technology, net "bacteria" brand has become the major textile industry chasing the "hot spot" of "selling point", sterile textiles will lead the new trend.