The color swatches

Product details introduction

  • Model: 190M
  • Producers/origin: 湖南
  • Composition: 氧化铁
  • Product level: 工业级
  • Type/specification: 190M
  • Content : 100%
Iron oxide red

Used in paint, rubber, plastics, construction and other colouring, inorganic pigment, used as antirust pigment in the coating industry. Used for rubber, artificial marble, terrazzo stains on the ground, plastics, asbestos, artificial leather, leather wipe light pulp and filler colorant, precision instruments, optical glass polishing agent and raw material of manufacturing ferrite magnetic material and components.

[4] used in electronic industry, communication machine, TV, computer, such as magnetic materials and line output transformer, switching power supply and high U and UQ ferrite core

Used as analytical reagent, catalyst, and polishing agent, also used in pigment ingredients;

Used in all kinds of pills, pills coat sugar coloring

Used as magnetic materials, pigment and for making reductant, polishing agent, catalyst, etc.; Used for coloring tablets icing and capsules, etc

Used as antirust paint pigments. Because of the goods made of micaceous iron oxide antirust paint good water permeability resistance, excellent rust resistance, can take the place of red lead

Edible red pigment. Japan used for red bean meal, konjac powder food. To had been treated with preservatives of banana fruit stalk incision is recognized. More than the United States for cat food, dog food and packing materials

Inorganic red pigment is mainly used for transparent color of the coin, also used in paint, ink and plastic color

Widely used in paint, rubber, plastics, cosmetics, building fine grinding materials, precision hardware instrument, optical glass, enamel, cultural and educational supplies, leather, magnetic alloy and high alloy steel coloring; Mainly used as magnetic materials, pigment, polishing agent, catalyst, etc., are also used in telecommunications, instrument industry; Mainly used as magnetic materials, pigment, polishing agent, catalyst, inorganic red pigment are also used in telecommunications, instrument industry.