The color swatches

Product details introduction

  • Model: 103
  • Producers/origin: 湖南
  • Composition: 中铬黄
  • Product level: 一级
  • Type/specification: 103
  • Content : 100%
The chrome yellow

Main ingredients for lead chromate pigments, its chemical composition is PbCrO4, content is about 90% ~ 90%, appearance is pale red yellow powder, for monoclinic crystal shape, density of 5.1 ~ 6.0 g/cm3, oil absorption is 13 ~ 27 g / 100 g, excellent color and permeability resistance, hiding power between chrome yellow in the shallow and deep chrome yellow, lightness and equal light chrome yellow, better than the dark chrome yellow, acid resistance and equal light chrome yellow, better than the dark chrome yellow, alkali resistance is poor, good dispersion.

Chrome yellow in nitrate as lead nitrate, chromium acid salts such as sodium dichromate as raw materials, strict control of various reaction conditions to form stable monoclinic crystal shape of chrome yellow particles, after filtration, drying and crushing. Mainly used for coating, especially road signs of paint, ink and plastic, etc.

Physical and chemical Properties, Physical Properties)

1, color (than) with standard sample: approximate ~ micro;

2 lead, chromium acid: 90.0% or higher;

3, water soluble content: 1.0% or less;

4, water extracted liquid PH value: 5.0-8.0;

5, moisture content: 1.0% or less;

6, covering power g/m2 55 or less;

7, tinting strength (than) with standard sample: 95% or higher;

8, oil absorption: 22% or less;

9, sieve residue (320 mesh) 0.5% or less

Product physical and chemical properties: powdery substance, odourless airless, poorly soluble in water, soluble in acetone, soluble in ethanol, not soluble in alkali, melting point 300 ℃ or higher, no explosion danger, non-toxic, non-radioactive, nonflammable, non corrosive. In chrome yellow pigment is a kind of bright yellow pigment, and have strong hiding power, high tinting strength, heat resistance, easy grinding dispersion, etc.