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Product details introduction

  • Model: 美术绿
  • Producers/origin: 湖南
  • Composition: 美术绿
  • Product level: 一级
  • Type/specification: 018
  • Content : 100%
Art is green

Art is green

Don't say "lead chrome green" mainly for the production of paints, coatings, printing ink pigment is a kind of industry

Introduction to the

Chinese name of lead chrome green alias art chrome green, emerald green green and green paint

English lead chrome green

Molecular formula Cr2O3

Product use paint, coating, ink and plastic industries.

2 use

Art green used to color epoxy floor paint, color cement floor paint, colored asphalt, printing ink, toys, paper products, wooden furniture, wall decoration, stationery and high-temperature paint, color cement, BianDaoZhuan, coating, paint, plastic and other industries.

3 properties

Lead, chromium oxide, such as durability, heat resistance were not as good as chrome oxide green, but bright color and good dispersibility, easy processing, because it contains toxic heavy metals, since the advent of phthalocyanine green, such as organic pigments, consumption has gradually reduced. Chrome green paint level, has excellent dispersion and flocculation resistance, anti-floating, color and has a very good durability, heat 150 degrees, 8 light fastness, weather resistance level 6, chemical resistance level 3, resistance transference level 5.

4 preparation or source

With scilly turquoise blue when sink together with lead chromium yellow, adding barium chloride as precipitant, make the scilly turquoise blue sulfonic acid groups in response to barium salt and emerald with lead chrome yellow pigment. To iron which is precipitation chrome yellow and blue pigment paste, also can use wet spell chrome yellow and blue iron or dry spell. With chrome yellow and phthalocyanine blue Mosaic of lead chrome green bright color and superior performance. Chrome yellow and blue paint mixing of iron. Iron blue pigment can be obtained from 5% ~ 5% range and change of yellow light green to dark green.

5 the art green degree of influence

Art is not a single green paint, but by the chrome yellow and iron blue or phthalocyanine pigment composed of mixed color matching. The art of green color depends on the proportion of chrome yellow and blue iron. Art of green iron blue percentage from 2% ~ 3% of the light green until containing 60% ~ 65% of dark green, blue pigment in proportion is higher, the deeper the color. Art of green color, and is composed of lead chrome yellow and iron blue color itself. Such as in the same proportion to twist lemon chrome Huang Tongtie in chrome yellow or blue color, two color difference is very big. Acid and alkali resistance is poor, strong covering power, excellent solvent resistance. The typical art green iron blue content, relative density and oil absorption were 8.0%, 5.4, 12 (light green), 13 (light green), 5.21, 13.0%, 22.0%, 4.92, 16 (in green), 37.0%, 4.42, 22 (green color), 24 (green), 4.10, 47.0%. The art performance of the green, completely controlled by the composed of two kinds of pigments, such as iron blue alkali resistance is very poor, so the alkali resistance of art green also is very poor, chromium Huang Nai optical If not, the fine arts green will change the tendency of dark when exposure. Chrome yellow in the relative density is higher, at about 5.4, the relative density of iron blue is 1.7 ~ 1.9, so the art of green relative density increases with the percentage of iron blue. The oil absorption of iron blue between 40% ~ 53%, low oil absorption of lead chrome yellow, between 10% ~ 30%, thus the oil absorption of the art green also contains iron blue percentage increases. Chrome yellow with titanium cyanine blue can make art green, bright color than blue preparation of iron is much, can also be composed of different proportion and different colour and lustre of mixture series of chrome yellow green paint, performance is much more superior than prepared with iron blue. Phthalocyanine blue sulfonated derivatives - scilly turquoise blue, water-soluble dye with chrome yellow precipitate, adding barium chloride as precipitant, barium salt and the dye sulfonic acid group reaction with chromium Huang Sheng in green paint. This kind of paint outside Color is very bright, said cui chrome green or green, but the performance of the fast than in titanium hemicyenine of blue. The production and usage of this species have some.