The color swatches

Product details introduction

  • Model: N330
  • Producers/origin: 湖南
  • Composition: 炭黑
  • Product level: 一级
  • Type/specification: N330
  • Content : 100%
Carbon black

Also known as black carbon, it is a kind of amorphous carbon. Light, loose and very fine black powder, surface area is large, ranging from 10 to 3000 m2 / g, is a carbon material (coal, natural gas, heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.) under the condition of insufficient air by the incomplete combustion and thermal decomposition products. The proportion of 1.8 2.1. Say "gas", made of natural gas made from oil said "lamp black", made from acetylene said "acetylene black". In addition to "slot black", "furnace black". According to the carbon black could distinguish between the reinforcing carbon black, conductive carbon black, wear-resisting carbon black, etc. As a black dye, used in the manufacture of Chinese ink, printing ink, paint, etc., also used in the rubber reinforcing agent.